Frequently Asked Questions

First make sure the mobile app is downloaded from the Play Store. Then use the exact username and password that was entered when the account was set up.

Usernames and passwords must be entered exactly as it appears when the account was set up. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

An “Already Active On Device” error means that your account is logged in on a mobile device. This can be caused by closing or updating the app without logging out. Remember that your account can only be used on one device at a time.

The most common reason for not seeing your truck and/or trailer on the mobile app is that someone else hasn’t released the truck/trailer from their device. Assets can only be assigned to one driver at a time.

To release your truck and/or trailer without logging into the mobile app, simply select None for truck and trailer.

In order for Etickets to display on the mobile app, first select a supplier.

To choose a map for navigation, simply select your map from the settings screen.

To get directions to your next location, make sure you have selected Google Maps as your map type AND have downloaded Google Maps on your device.