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We provide the world’s best oilfield eTicket and logistics automation software. Our company was created in the cab of a truck, and we know first-hand what it takes to run an efficient and accurate oilfield operation. We understand that in order for you to be successful, you need access to accurate data at all times. Our software is designed to give you real-time visibility into your operations. With Omni Dispatch, you’ll have less paperwork, more accurate data monitoring, and access to all the dashboards that monitor your services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and reliable software solution so that your oilfield operations run efficiently and accurately. If you want to reduce the risk of unreliable data and ghost loads, Omni Dispatch is your ideal solution. It enables seamless management from operators to suppliers and leasers with an efficient yet scalable automation system. Regardless of size, “Mom & Pop” truckers or bigger operations can take advantage of our services for a hassle-free experience! With access to real-time data and insights, Operators, Suppliers, and Leasers can make better decisions to maximize their profits and minimize losses.

Our Story

Dee Atkin, is the founder and CEO of Omni Dispatch, LLC. He created Omni Dispatch©™ oilfield eTicketing product in 2012 because in our trucking and services delivery company we experienced the pain of loss, delays, and the manually intensive effort involved in paper-based logistics. From our previous experience in the technology world, we knew we could create affordable logistics software that worked under the toughest conditions.

Over time the Omni Dispatch product has expanded to provide end-to-end oilfield logistics software solutions, supporting operators, suppliers, and leasers (carriers). Our products now give your company an UBER-ADVANTAGE over your competitors!

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